We have a lead Rotarian on each grant as we work together. 
  • Catherine McAuley Center - Completed! We refurbishing a Child Care room for children of immigrants, while their parents are in classes. Thank you Mary Schell!
  • AbbeHealth/Aging Services - Completed! Connecting the older folks in our commuity to others with 5 iPad tablets. Gift bags were distributed. Thank you Bob Schell!
  • ChildServe - Providing learning/testing tools for this organization to serve their kids. A check will be presented May 11. Led by Rachel Rigdon.
Volunteering is an essential parts of these organizations and our club. The engages us with serving our community.  Details at our weekly meetings. 
Aging Services Apple iPads presented from Sunrise Rotary on April 7
Lindsay Glinn - Exec Director at Aging Services -
> Explaining their mission and work at our Rotary Club meeting April 7
> Lindsay Glinn recieving the 5 iPads Sunrise Rotary granted, to connect Seniors to families. Coe College students aid the seniors with setup and support.
Catherine McAuley Center child care room updates:  
Immigrant clients needed this room for children during the parent's classes.  
Our Rotary grant provided new tables and chairs, security cameras, fingerpring reader, and tablet electronics, installed now for better care of the kids.
Tables, chairs, shelves, staff computer, fingerprint reader, and safety cameras, kids games, educational materials, floor play mats. The tall shelf was not installed yet in this photo.