I have been meaning to push this message to all of you, but I wanted to just say how great it was to see the interest there is within our Sunrise Rotary Club about the Blue Zones Project. I think that Kim Jass (Marion East Rotarian) did a remarkable job talking about the project, and I really do hope that you learned a lot from her. Kim is a full-time employee with the YMCA in Marion, and is a volunteer for the Blue Zones Project. She does this purely out of passion for the initiative, which is the same reason I love being involved with the project.

There are so many simple things that we can do every day to make ourselves healthier. Some as simple as taking the stairs over the elevator; or parking further away from the doors at a store. It’s so easy for people to neglect their health because they are so busy. 
Please take some time to register and pledge to live a healthier life, by making the "little changes." 
The website is https://iowa.bluezonesproject.com/communities/cedar-rapids

Can you send the link above to your co-workers, families, and friends. (Note: Rebecca asked a great question yesterday morning that I wanted to clarify for all of you. She ask what she does if she lives in North Liberty? The answer is, put your work zip code for Cedar Rapids. This will ensure that you registered for Cedar Rapids) Again, we need 20,000 people in Cedar Rapids to pledge! 


Josie Takes