El Salvador Kids

Sunrise is supporting and partnering with Daybreak Rotary for their El Salvador International project. I am very excited to have the opportunity to support and partner with a successful local club, while at the same time achieving our club goal of participating in an international project.

Our club has responded to Member's giving and provided a match for this project.  

Check on the Las Trincheras school construction project on the ESNA Village Network Facebook Page here:



Further Information:

A team of approximately ten(10) Rotarians will be going to El Salvador to construct an Early Childhood Development Center. Not only will the group be participating in the construction of the facility while in El Salvador they will be meeting with local politicians and Rotarians to explore the potential of expanding the international project into a multi-year effort. The concept would be similar to the trip Emily Meyer took to Mexico with the hope that this trip could build into a larger opportunity. This could create a tremendous partnering opportunity in the future for our clubs.   John Heneke's daughter is joining the group on the trip.

Joe Kirby at Lynch Ford has more details on the project.  Contact him directly. (Details Here)