Each year our District 5970 organizes a Group Study Exchange.  Meet the 2009 Team!


This year 4 young non-Rotary professionals were chosen. 3 teachers and 1 college staff member.  Ruth Buck  - Waterloo Crossroads - is the Rotarian Team Leader.  

Italy District 2030 is our partner this year, and will send 4 professionals plus 1 Rotarian Team Leader to Iowa.

Read about our GSE team of Iowans, and Ruth Buck.  Kelli Stoa is from Marion.  Did you see Sound of Music?  She was the tallest Nun!   You will have an opportunity to meet this entire team at our District 5970 District Conference, May 1, 2 - at Kirkwood Community College.

Here are fun bios for all 5 team members.   2009 GSE TEAM